The universal language, a smile

Just spent the morning cleaning up my desktop. It’s like I can’t see what’s in the fridge if it’s not in the front, I don’t know what files I have if I can’t see them.

But I figured before I tossed this one, since it does make me feel a little lighter when I see it, I’d post it and then chuck it back in my docs.

You embrace yourself.pngWas one of my early drawings when in the 80’s I was designing inspirational cards. A smile doesn’t just make you feel closer to others when you share one, but happier yourself when you share one just with you.

One thought on “The universal language, a smile

  1. I loved this when it popped thru my emails. I also starred it. Smiling when your glucose is wonky for ‘no apparent reason’ is hard, this is a good help!

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