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Below, a smart and soulful conversation with Dr. Char who hosts the podcast, Today’s Leaders in Mental Health and Diabetes, and has had type 1 diabetes herself for decades.

A two minute clip of the advancements I’ve seen in diabetes in 49 years as part of the International Diabetes Federation’s 100th year celebration of insulin

Sanofi-sponsored 100 year celebration of insulin and 100 years of three people with type 1 sharing their knowledge, experiences and hopes

“Look Up and see your possibilities.” Roche Social Summit, 2013.

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Interviewed by David Shriner-Cahn on his podcast, ‘Going Solo.’ The journey from being a Madison Avenue copywriter to diabetes influencer. https://smashingtheplateau.com/goingsolo/episode-041/

Interview with Matt Scott on 180 degrees of Impact, https://www.lets.care/blog/riva-greenberg.

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“Look up and see your possibilities, now.” Great two minutes from 2013, click on ‘Watch on YouTube’

The Huffington Post – my column

Diabetes by Design – my philosophy

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My Articles on Flourishing

Focus on flourishing can transform diabetes care

A Flourishing Approach to Mental Health in Patients With Diabetes

From Coping to Flourishing: How a Better Mindset Can Transform Health

Flourishing with Diabetes: Riva Greenberg proposes a new mindset in life with diabetes

The Antidote to Living With Diabetes

Chronic Illness’ Opportunity for Patients and Providers

How Illness Can Make Us Better

‘Ask the Patient’ – series of presentations for health care providers to foster sustainable change

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