A podcast that looks at diabetes from different angles

Yup, I know, in my last post I shared a recent podcast and said it was well worth listening to. How embarrassing, now to post a second podcast and yes, even though I am humble and shy, tell you it’s a really great conversation.

On this Salience Podcast, salience meaning things that are particularly noteworthy, my host and friend Zhen Goh, sociologist, cultural and complexity researcher and a student of the Dao and I dive into a great deal surrounding diabetes and its management that you rarely hear about including the relationship we have with health professionals and they with us, and how it affects our lives.

Here’s the brief: Today on the Salience Podcast, we discuss the issues around industrialised healthcare’s culture of control, and how we can move from a more pathogenic culture of seeking to “control” chronic diseases, to one that recognises the variability of patient lives, and encourages salutogenesis – or, the sense of coherence that patients can seek by cultivating their ability to understand their own condition, manage and respond appropriately, and to also create meaning around their experience.

Here’s the episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-7-riva-greenberg/id1627648038?i=1000599818092

Thanks for listening.

A diabetes podcast worth listening to, Embracing Diabetes

You may think me biased because February 3 I was a guest on the Embracing Diabetes podcast, available on Apple and Spotify. But there’s something about a podcast on diabetes led by a woman who has lived with type 1 diabetes more than 25 years and another PWD who is also an endocrinologist. What these two women, respectively Amy Stockwell and Liz Stephens, diabetes advocates and educators, bring to the party, is exactly the Embracing Diabetes tagline — compassion, community and creativity.

Funnily enough, I’ve met both Amy and Liz in the flesh. I met Amy years ago at a Diabetes Sisters conference and felt a kinship immediately, and had dinner with Liz years and years ago in Portland, Oregon when a mutual friend, who also has type 1, brought us all together for scrumptious, Northwest healthy/hippie cuisine.

Normally, I hate listening to myself, but I actually enjoyed listening to my own podcast and others I’ve heard on the channel. I share my own history of course, stories and experiences, and wisdom about “the life” and our interaction with our health professionals. So pour a cup of tea, or lace up your sneakers, and tune in.


Putting an Eversense sensor into Dr. E

You likely know I’m a big fan of endocrinologist Steven Edelman (founder of TCOYD) and his recent plunge into stand up diabetes comedy along with his sidekick endocrinologist Jeremy Pettus.

This video just crossed my email box and I thought it worth sharing. I myself cannot yet see using the Eversense CGM (why cut into my body if I don’t have to?), but if you’re contemplating it this may be of interest.