Are you sowing the seeds for later regrets now?

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I’ve just become aware of a book I’m eager to read but haven’t yet got my hands on. Even so, I thought it worth telling you about it. It’s called, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie WareBronnie became a palliative nurse after doing many other things in her life and spent a lot of time with people who were in their last days. 

I’m not attracted to books like this because I have a ghoulish side, but because I think life is short – easy to do since I’m approaching 60 – and living with diabetes, one wonders will life be even shorter?

I like to know what people value at the end of their lives and what they think they would have done differently given the opportunity to do it all again. Of course, we can never really know if we’d do something differently in the moment without the benefit of hindsight, but still…

So while I haven’t yet read the book, I thought you might enjoy reading the article as I just did. It tells what the top five things are that people regret. 

I won’t spoil the surprise. I’ll just let you know that while I’ve been finishing writing my third book, Diabetes Do’s and How To’s which you will love — it’s just the actions what you need to do to be healthy with diabetes, and how to do them, available this fall–I will tell you I wish I’d made more time for regret number 4.