Moments of happiness wherever you are


For the past two days I’ve tuned into the State of You/#140You conference that was held at the NYC 92nd Street Y and live-streamed. It was an interesting group of people doing interesting things in health that ran the gamy from nutrition, food and weight loss to fitness, social media, branding, humor and testimonials of health success stories.

What I learned, basically, is I already know a lot. But it’s always good to be reminded of what you know and hear it again.

One of the things I was reminded of is that happiness is not found in arriving at your destination. Whether that’s your job perfect, spouse perfect, house perfect or any other goal you’ve set for yourself. No, happiness is found in the small, simple every day moments. And, we can feel happier by creating more of those moments and pausing to take them in.   

So, yesterday after watching the conference I went to the post office. My local post office is small with only three workers. They know me because only months ago I was in there almost every other day mailing my new book out to people. 

Kelly asked me s I approached the window with a hearty greeting, “How are you?” I said, I’m find except this awful sore throat. “You know what you need to do for that..” she said, “Gargle with hot salty water.” I told her my mother always told me that and I forgot. Thank you for reminding me. She laughed and said I’d get her bill in the mail.

I walked out of the post office smiling. I was warmed by the exchange of concern, and the small joke. I felt happy. Happiness is small moments. Create them by being in the moment and connecting with whoever you’re with. Look for them by seeing every good thing that happens as a little miracle. After all, it could have gone another way. And savor them. Pause to see the beauty in such moments. 

The photo above is something I was working on 7 years ago, a calendar with joyful images and inspiration to live happier and healthier with diabetes. I think I’ll start posting some pages. Because it makes me happy.

Believe in yourself to manage diabetes


I’ve been doing an ongoing Thursday shot-in-the-arm of inspiration from my book “The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.” 

Emotional strength and resilience is critical to keep on keeping’ on managing our diabetes. Here’s today’s powerful thought for reflection.


How you feel about yourself influences how well you will take care of your diabetes. Do you treat yourself with the same regard, kindness and compassion you reserve for a friend?

When you believe in yourself, you live life expecting the best. When you believe in yourself and feel confident, the world responds to you with a very special magic; things seem to just go your way.

If you have spent much of your life saying “yes” to everyone around you, leaving you little time and energy for yourself, practice saying “no.” You can’t truly take care of anyone else when your own energy is depleted. And if your past has not reflected your greatness or your ability to manage your diabetes, remind yourself with love, that today is a new day; today you will take a new step.

Reflection: Today write down three things you’re good at and three good qualities you have. Look at the list throughout the week and allow yourself to take it in. 

Also, before you jump out of bed and when you’re drifting off to sleep, take a minute and see yourself at your best. Remind yourself, you always have this fantastic person inside you.

Featured guest on HuffPost Live: Rise of diabetes around the world


Today I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion about the rise of diabetes around the world – and what to do about it. 

Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat,” about how food companies engineer our addiction to unhealthy food, was a fellow guest. 

And just today the news reported that diabetes-realated deaths in NYC hit an all time high! [I come in around 11:50 by the way ;-)]


Your history doesn’t have to be your future when managing diabetes

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 12.56.05 PM

Here’s my Thursday d-lesson – a little reminder that no matter what we’ve been doing, we can do a little better today if we decide to do so.

My kangaroos, by the way, were inspired by the year I lived in Sydney, Australia. Here’s today’s excerpt from my inspirational D-book,

“The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.”


Whether you’ve spent years ignoring your doctor’s advice, or even avoiding your doctor, today you can decide to be the master of your diabetes. How? Begin by shifting your thinking.

If you’ve been seeing your diabetes care as something you “have” to do, see it as something you “choose” to do. You’ll feel more in control. 

Then see the benefit of doing the task. For instance, “By testing my blood sugar, I can keep it in target range and reduce my risk of complications.” Focusing on the benefit helps remind you why the task is important.

The truth is everything we do in life is a choice. Changing your mindset from “have to” to “choose to” gives you more energy. With all there is to be gained, isn’t it time you hopped to it?

Reflection: Right now list on a post it note 3 diabetes tasks you perform and how they benefit you. Keep this somewhere you’ll see often.