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November 2021, Codiac conference, Denmark, presenter and participant. The Codiac (Copenhagen Diabetes Consensus) conference included up to 100 researchers, health professionals and people with diabetes. After months of information gathering we were brought together for a 2-day conference to explore the value and how-to involve users when research is conducted on diabetes prevention, care and/or management.

I had the privlege to participate in the World Health Organization’s new initiative, the Global Diabetes Compact. The mission of the Compact is to bring diabetes treatment and medicine to all who need it around the world in commemoration of this being the 100th year anniversary since the discovery of insulin. The Compact also has the commitment to involve people living with diabetes in their implementation, communications and governance. My role during the conference allowed me to reflect the days learning from 100 patient advocates attending the conference and key highlights. My summary in six minutes (at 2:14:40).

Interview with diabetes educator, Linda Wudad for Diabetes Summit, February 2021

These videos will play in health professionals waiting rooms to offer people with diabetes inspiration, education and ways to make their visit more successful.

A bit about “My Story”

Advocating for yourself: four questions for your doctor

Below United Nations, March 9, 2019, speaking as an International Diabetes Federation Blue Circle Voice member to members of the Lions Clubs International on the joint collaboration between the two organizations to raise global diabetes awareness.

Below: Six workshops for the Jnana Sanjeevini Medical Center, Bangalore, India, including “Helping our patients is an act of leadership,”  “The Flourishing Approach to Diabetes,” “Living with Diabetes: Challenges, Triumphs and Lessons,” January 2014

Visiting instructor at  the Jnana Sanjeevini Medical Center, Bangalore, India. These girls have Type 1 diabetes.

Visiting instructor at the Jnana Sanjeevini Medical Center, Bangalore, India. These girls have Type 1 diabetes.

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This I know for sure – You can have a great life, not despite but because of diabetes.      I also know how to get it.

After almost fifty years living with Type 1 diabetes my life’s work today is sharing – the knowledge, experience, rigorous learnings, collected insights and personal wisdom of how to live a healthier, happier, more meaningful life with diabetes.

What moves me every day is sharing with health professionals how to work with people with diabetes so that they “flourish” – live in a new paradigm, one beyond “coping.” And, to inspire and educate others living with diabetes to, from a flourishing mindset, improve and integrate their diabetes management into their lives, while increasing their strengths, confidence and joy.

DAWN Summit - 2014

Novo Nordisk’s 5th International DAWN Summit, The Netherlands 2014

The Flourishing Approach I’ve been developing and living is based on almost two hundred interviews I’ve conducted, psycho social evidence and scientific theories including solution-focused brief therapy, positive psychology, Aaron Antonovsky’s “Sense of Coherence” (comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness) and Salutogenesis (the study of what causes health.)  Overview in Diabetes Care and Education, On The Cutting Edge.

“My thanks to you for your fabulous presentation, you have inspired us. The lunch room discussion today after your talk was all about mindfulness and approach. So good also for our junior doctors to hear. Thanks for enriching us with your ideas.” MD Jencia Wong, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Sydney. 

I have shared my work through facilitating flourishing workshops in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Israel and India, as a key speaker at global national conferences, as author of three diabetes books, columnist on The Huffington Post, creator of QuantiaMD’s ‘Ask the Patient’ series on behavior change, as co-designer of Wellcoaches ‘How to Prevent Diabetes’ webinar series, as a health coach supporting individuals to better health and speaking across the country as a peer-mentor.

I am currently writing my fourth book on flourishing with diabetes. It will define the approach and include practical tools. Expected due date late 2015.

I am available to facilitate workshops on flourishing for health care professionals and people living with diabetes, and as a conference speaker. Details on my Contact page.

The Caring Hand, Glarus, Switzerland

wish to thank each individual who has invited me to share my work, tells me that the flourishing approach increases their work satisfaction and patients’ outcomes and allows me to contribute to the field of living positively with diabetes.


Named by Sharecare Now as “sixth most influential diabetes influencer online” and repeatedly recognized by Healthline for “Best blog.”

Honored to win first place in the Eli Lilly/International Diabetes Federation sponsored ‘Inspired by Diabetes’ competition with my submission, “Pride Is the Antidote to Diabetes.” Its essence is captured here.

Annualy I donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my book, The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes to diabetes organizations. Recipients include: Diabetes Research Institute, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Diabetes Hands Foundation, Insulin For Life, Ayuda, Jnana Sanjeevini Medical Center and the diaTribe Foundation.


Certified Health Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Key Opinion Leader, Author, Columnist, Peer-Mentor and member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Prior to working in diabetes, I spent two decades in advertising, marketing, branding and change communication and lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Sydney.

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