Best diabetes blogs of 2014

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Every year Healthline, committed to providing health and medical information, tools,  technologies and doctor-reviewed resources to patients and providers, votes for the Best Diabetes Blogs.

I think I’ve been awarded this honor each of the past several years for this blog right here on DiabetesStories. 

My kudos to the fine and notable company I keep. All of these people and organizations are out there to help you, whether you have type 1 or 2, to learn, connect, commit to and improve your diabetes care. 

Here’s the list and a few sentences description of each – it’s a great group to follow.

Thank you Healthline.

Top 50 Diabetes Blogs

There’s a list of top diabetes blogsout by Masters In Public Health. The site’s creators, Mary and Paul Hench, say their lisrepresents excellence in content and research, and blogs are listed in no particular order. 

The list is neatly categorized into“Personal Blogs Of Diabetics,” where you’ll find DiabetesStories, “Diabetes Social Networks,” “Diabetes News and Updates” and “Blogs From Moms of Diabetics.” 

Each blog has a line or two describing it making it easier for you to chose where to dip in. The Hench’s created their site after spending months researching masters in public health programs and unable to find a reliable database of usable information. So, you guessed it, they created one. 

Take a look at the blog list and see what value might be there for you. The Hench’s would be pleased.


My diabetes-head is growing just slightly larger

UnknownThe global symbol for diabetes day: blue for the sky under which we all stand, a circle for unity

Having made the acquaintance of so many remarkable fellow diabetes bloggers a few months ago at the Roche social summit, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share some of my thoughts and experiences on several web sites. So, for a few posts you won’t see here as well as posts from fellow bloggers, jump onto theWorld Diabetes Day blog. You’ll find a lot of posts to inspire you. Here are mine:

Diabetes Day: Wouldn’t It Be Nice Not to Need One?

Riva’s Story: The Diabetes Express

What Diabetes Is – and Isn’t

Then check out all of World Diabetes Day which was created by Manny Hernandez, founder of TuDiabetes and David Edelman, founder ofDiabetes Daily. You’ll find an amazing songbook of educational information, patient stories, blog posts, doings about Diabetes Month and Diabetes Day and how you can pick up the gauntlet in your community. 

I’m honored to be in such fine company.