Learning from PWDs who do well

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…I began this work interviewing people living with diabetes to learn their story. I discovered quickly that some people struggle, but many find ways to create healthier, more productive and more meaningful lives after their diagnosis…While not everyone with a chronic illness can, or will, become a model of success – genetics, skills, resources, capacity, supports, will, economics, values all count – we should not discount that in learning how successful people do well, we can help more people be successful.

Above is a photo of Rachel Zinman who’s been living with LADA for nine years, and an excerpt from my post today on Huff Post, What the “Forgotten Patient” Teaches Us.

There is much we can learn from people living well with chronic illness  – and much to inspire other’s living will illness and those who care for them, including health professionals.

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The Patient Voice Represented by IDF at WHO Conference, Geneva

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That’s me in my swank jacket created by artist, health advocate Regina Holliday. I’m sitting in the ballroom of the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva waiting to introduce the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) new patient group, the Blue Circle Voices.

Patients are not nearly seen enough nor participants at the decision-making table. When we are, we need to shout about it so others can see our valued contribution and the good behavior of organizations that invite us in.

The IDF brought patients to the World Health Assembly meeting two weeks ago in Geneva. Here’s the larger story on the Huffington Post.