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Video Series: Wisdom from Those Living with T1D

Recommended Web Sites
American Diabetes Association (
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Johns Hopkins Diabetes Self Management Patient Education Materials
Medical Fitness Network

Traveling with Diabetes (helpful information)

Mobile Technology to help manage diabetes (University of Illinois)

Medicare information – Medicare Quick

Social Communities (Female-specific) (Type 1-specific) (Type 1-specific)

ShareCare’s Top Ten Online Diabetes Influencers, Amy Tenderich, Kerri Sparling, Kelly Close, Manny Hernandez, Leighann Calentine, Riva Greenberg, Kelly Kunik – Type 2 Diabetes, Elizabeth Woolley, Kim Vlasnik, Scott Johnson

Books written by people with diabetes

A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness – by Brandy Barnes and Natalie Strand

A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To The Universe – by Joe Solowiejczyk

Balancing Diabetes – by Kerri Sparling

Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s, 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It and The ABCs of Loving Yourself With Diabetes – by Riva Greenberg

Emotional Eating with Diabetes, Your Diabetes Science Experiment, Dealing with Diabetes Burnout – by Ginger Vieira

My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes and My Sweet Life: Successful Men with Diabetes – by Beverly Adler

SHOT – by Amy Ryan

The Book of Better: Life with Diabetes Can’t Be Perfect. Make it Better – by Chuck Eichten

The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed and Prediabetes: What You Need to Know to Keep Diabetes Away – by Gretchen Becker

The Little Red Sports Car: A Modern Fable About Diabetes, Winston the Amazing Dog: An Upbeat Analogy About Diabetes and Boots the Giant Killer: An Upbeat Analogy About Diabetes – by Eleanor Troutt

The Sisterhood of Diabetes – by Judith Jones Ambrosini

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes – by Amy Mercer

TypeCast: Amazing people overcoming the chronic disease of type 1 diabetes – by Andrew Deutscher

Books by parents of children with diabetes

Raising Teens with Type 1 – by Moira McCarthy Stanford

Kids First, Diabetes Second – by Leighann Calentine

Books written by patients who are also medical professionals

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution – by Richard Bernstein (Also a doctor)

Taking Control of Your Diabetes – by Steven Edelman (Also a doctor)

Any of Sherri Colberg’s books (Also an exercise physiologist)

Any of Gary Scheiner’s books (Also a CDE)

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