#8 – HuffPost, “I think she’s drunk.” I wasn’t, I was in severe hypoglycemia

If you’ve been here a time or two before you may know I’m doing a countdown on 10 top posts I’ve written over seven years for the Huffington Post.

This was one of my last posts and the first time low blood sugar made me feel, and appear, as if I was drunk. My blood sugar was in the 30s and my mind absolutely refused to think straight. Luckily, I was with a friend, and while she had no idea this could be low blood sugar, she knew something was really wrong.


What It’s Like to Get Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes: Real Talk from Patients


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 4.50.55 PM.png

Last year I was part of a video shoot for HealthiNation to talk about type 1 diabetes. Now there are 7 short and accessible, two minutes in length, videos of what it’s like to get and live with T1D.

Each video features reflections, learned wisdom and snippets of advice from myself and two other diabetes advocates. Topics range from the title above, “What It’s Like to Get Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes” to “Common Myths About T1D Debunked” …to…“Getting Through the Day as a Diabetic.”

Please ignore the fact that the producer chose to call us “diabetics” and “patients,” which we only are when with our health providers, and that some of the videos begin with a Trulicity advertisement.

Rather enjoy the opportunity to bask in the camaraderie with two fellow T1D-ers – Craig Kasper, diagnosed at 27, whose website is bravest and Liz Van Voorhis, diagnosed at 15, an athlete and fitness trainer, and yours truly nearing ever closer to that 50 year Joslin medal.

All videos can be found here.