Help design a tool that will make food shopping easier and healthier

You can support a group of Princeton University students who are building a digital tool to help people with diabetes, and other chronic conditions, make wise grocery shopping decisions. The tool will help shoppers up their nutrition while reducing the time they spend shopping, whether in store or online.

All you need do is fill out a tiny survey and participate in a very friendly 15 minute chat to answer some questions about your shopping habits, decision-making and lifestyle.

If you have diabetes or another chronic condition, or follow a specific diet like keto or vegan for example, they’d love to talk with you. You can sign up here.

Dexcom offers Overpatches for the G6

They’re free and they come 10 in a pack. They fit right over the G6 sensor and offer an extra inch of security that your sensor won’t fall off especially in this hot and sticky (no pun intended) summer weather. Just peel away the backing, apply, and peel away the front paper.

All you need do is call Dexcom customer service – 1 (888) 738-3646 – and ask for the Overpatch. Tis true, if I had my choice I’d want more of this patch below, my lil cat guy, but then I’d have to fly back to Tokyo get them 😉

New low-cost insulin available at Walmart

It will be marketed and sold under Walmart’s own brand name ReliOn NovoLog. Like regular NovoLog from Novo Nordisk, ReliOn NovoLog is also a rapid-acting, analog insulin. You will need a doctor’s prescription.

The big news is it will be cheaper than NovoLog. One vial of ReliOn NovoLog will cost $72.88/vial, a savings of $101 compared to NovoLog. It’s also available in five profiled insulin pens.

Walmart also carries ReliOn human insulin. It’s even cheaper, but current rapid-acting analog insulins have been shown to be more effective at managing blood sugar and help minimize hypoglycemia and weight gain.