The delayed blood sugar rise from fat, how cruel

It’s not only the infamous slice of pizza that can raise your blood sugar hours later: that demonic combo of carbs and fat.

Last night the husband and I went out to eat at our neighborhood place, an Italian pub-like bistro. My normal meal is sharing a starter of bruschetta followed by an entree of salmon with kale and squash. Yes, the bruschetta is carb, but sharing it, not so much and I know how to dose for it.

But last night I threw my cares to the wind and fulfilled my craving for pasta. Maybe a twice a year event. I do make it at home, but that’s the pasta that’s always made out of something low carb, like edamame, which has minimal impact on my blood sugar.

We got our bruschetta starter, which comes with a mound of burrata mozzarella cheese and then we shared spinach/mushroom ravioli in brown butter sauce and black linguini with salmon in tomato sauce. Yikes!

I cannot tell you how delicious my carb lunacy was.

I under dosed for the food just after ordering. I only took 2 units of insulin having an insulin/carb ratio of about 1:17 in the evening. I under dosed on purpose because sometimes I find when the pasta is homemade it doesn’t raise my blood sugar as much as commercially made pasta.

We ate around 6:30 P.M. When I got home around 8 P.M. til I went to sleep just before midnight, I watched my blood sugar on my CGM.

It was well within my target range and very stable until around 9:30 P.M. when it began rising. I took one more unit of insulin. Before bed, shortly before midnight, it was still a very stable 130. The range on my CGM is set between 75 and 150. And, I purposefully do not hear alerts overnight or I would never get a night’s sleep due to compression lows. So if the alert was ringing all night, I do not know.

When I woke, not only was I amazed at the number, 192, which I haven’t seen in years, but amazed how six hours after dinner, my blood sugar jumped 50 points and stayed there all night, for seven hours.

Mildly alarmed, by missing all the alarms instead of taking the 1 unit I do upon waking to blunt the dawn phenomena, I took 2 units and two hours later another unit since it was coming down so slowly. Now it’s a happy-enough 126.

All to say, the combination of carbs and fat is tricky, even for.this 49 year type 1 veteran. Also to say, don’t beat yourself up over the numbers that show up out of nowhere, just work them down, and down, and down, safely.

In future I will at least double my dose when eating this devilish meal, possibly take a long walk after dinner, and maybe, even though I hate the idea, schedule a 3 AM wake up call to check my handiwork.

Lastly, you and I are deserving of no shame, no blame or self-criticism. It’s just diabetes being diabetes.

2 thoughts on “The delayed blood sugar rise from fat, how cruel

  1. I think you should be congratulated for the steady BGs before you had the treat and thanked for sharing the results of eating forbidden food. It helps everyone.

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