Time to enhance your T1D skills?

Now you can learn from the best from the comfort of your home. Gary Scheiner, my friend and diabetes educator extraordinaire, (and diabetes educator of the year) has updated the tremendous classes he offers at Type 1 University. Gary happens to be the educator who trained me on my first Dexcom CGM 7 years ago.

T1U is the only “school of higher learning” for we insulin users, and you probably agree, a tune-up is always useful, sometimes life-saving.

Courses are 30-60 minute webinars, to be watched on your schedule and they cover Nutrition and Lifestyle ie low carb counting and eating, the effects of fat and protein, strength training, burnout and stress, Mastering Technology and other things like managing post meal glucose, sick day care and self-care.

It’s $25/course. Give the website a look to see what’s specifically on offer and how it works.

Since my gifts to myself over the past year and a half have almost exclusively been socks and masks, this is a gift well worth partaking of.

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