#3 Huffpost: 17 Tips From a Diabetes Patient-Expert

Here’s the third in my series of 10 top articles I’ve written over the past seven years for the HuffPost. I’m not typically a fan of “tips and tricks” articles; I don’t think for real value that most things can be reduced into a few simple sentences. But I will say, there’s a lot of my hard-won wisdom from decades of living with diabetes in this post.

One tip I would likely add today is to keep abreast of new medications and devices. If you can afford it, they can often make managing diabetes easier and offer new insights.

When I was diagnosed in 1972, we didn’t even have glucose meter. It took 10 years for them to be available to patients. Today we’ve got all kinds of medications for type 2 and faster insulin, smart insulin pumps and pens and continuous glucose monitors.

Meanwhile here are the 17 tips that are just as valid today as in 2011 when I wrote this. And now you know a great many things that I’ve learned over a great many years.


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