Every day people die of diabetes – even those you expect wouldn’t

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Sometimes I wonder what people would think if they knew i have my share of low blood sugars and high blood sugars. I can misjudge the carbohydrates in what I’m eating, I’m frequently surprised when my blood sugar is either lower or higher than I expect and at times I can’t remember if I took my shot before a meal. Me, a smart, educated patient. Me, a supposed role model.

So I was surprised and so saddened to read that a young man, who is part of the International Diabetes Federation patient group, the Blue Circle Voices, died a few days ago at age 32 due to problems with his diabetes. I do not know what those problems were. I only know his name, Onesmus Kahiu, that he lived in Kenya and that he had founded an organization called, Smile Again Diabetes Children. Onesmus was a health coach who helped children get access to medical necessities, education to manage their diabetes and love themselves. The photo above is from his LinkedIn page.

You get it, don’t you? This young man, who was instilling in children with diabetes that they should smile, died of his disease. This young man who was changing things in his country, a role model for others, who cared and wanted to uplift others.

We should never assume anyone has type 1 diabetes down. We should never assume this disease cannot get any of us. But while we’re here, we can gift those who devote their lives to make the world a better place for others with our love and respect.

I didn’t know you Onesmus, but I am sad you are gone.

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