Fictional type 1 character for tweens

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.10.24 AM.png

If you’re not familiar with the very popular Baby-Sitters Club series of books, neither was I! But they’ve been around a very long time; I wonder what I was doing as a youth but I don’t recall reading.

I heard about this close knit group of twelve year old girlfriends featured in the book ages ago. And as soon as I heard about it, I put the book that’s most about our type 1 friend, Stacey, (featured above) on hold at my library. It’s probably been on my hold list for almost a year. I don’t think there’s a rash of reading going on about type 1 diabetes in youth. At least not among the tween set. But, whatever, three days ago it was released into my care.

It’s a charming read for tweens and a fairly good representation of T1D: the fear, confusion, yearning for a cure – that of course is from the parents 😉

If you have diabetes and haven’t reached the eighth grade yet, or you have a child with diabetes, put aside a day and a big pot of tea, sit down and enjoy. Lovely winter reading.

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