The new super-Vitamin K2. True?

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I’ll be the first to agree dietary and nutrition advice changes like the wind. What you thought was healthy a year ago probably isn’t anymore and vice versa. Need a few examples? Eggs – good or bad? Today, good. Coffee – good or bad – Today, good. Saturated fat – good or bad. Basically good, but don’t overdo. How about those rice cakes and snack well fat-free cookies we were all gobbling a few years ago as healthy snacks? Not so much. Loads of refined carbohydrates. Which are bad by the way.

I don’t know enough about vitamins and supplements, but I’m pretty sure it’s a similar good/bad scenario depending on the year. What I do know is that I’m on a regimen of calcium and Vitamin D supplements, like many women, and now I’ve just read a book devoted to the fact that they may cause more harm than help because I’m not getting Vitamin K2. The book,  featured above, was a very interesting and fairly easy read by Dr. Kate Rheum-Bleue, a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada.

In brief, calcium, with the help of Vitamin D and Vitamin A, does help strengthen bones and teeth. But, it may not be going into your bones and teeth. It is Vitamin K that directs it there rather than where it also likes to go – into the arteries leading to your heart. And that, my friend, is a place we definitely don’t want calcium deposits. They become blockages in your coronary arteries.

I prefer getting my nutrients from food not capsules, but Vitamin K2 is very hard to get from food. It’s most plentiful in grass fed animals, think cows and chickens, and what they produce, butter, milk and eggs. Fermented foods like the nasty natto, a Japanese breakfast item, are also a good source, but few of us in the Western world eat natto. It’s basically a brew of fermented soybeans. It’s gumminess is extremely off-putting if you can even get close to it given it smells like moldy shoes. Trust me, I know, I lived in Japan for six years.

Thus, with K2 absent from our diet the hypothesis is most of us are deficient in this Vitamin. Just as an aside, there is a K1. We seem to get ample amounts from leafy greens. K1 is not responsible for bone health, it is responsible for blood clotting.

So, I’m giving a K2 supplement a try. I just got my Pure Encapsulations Calcium K/D from Amazon. I’m not pushing any products. This was what my friend and Naturopathic Doctor Jody Stanislaw recommended. So, I’m passing it on to you.

Now, let’s just wait and see if we learn next year that we need something else to activate the K2 and that coffee has returned to the ‘Do Not Drink’ list.

4 thoughts on “The new super-Vitamin K2. True?

  1. May I add two university studies were done in Rotterdam and Maastricht about k2. Nobody mentions it but those studies proved k2 elastifies the arteries and brings calcium back to the bones.

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