Dr. Mark Hyman’s Fat Summit

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It’s occurring right now online. It’s not clear to me if you can still register but if you email info@fatsummit.com you may be able to find out. Thirty plus experts in nutrition science debunking the myth that fat, including sat fat and dairy fat, is bad and the cause of heart disease, obesity and other ills like diabetes.

Junk science has vilified fat and led Americans for the past three decades to replace it with carbohydrates. Take a look around. How could anyone not put two and two together? We’re ingesting more carbs and fatter than ever. Specifically high glycemic index carbs, refined and processed carbs like cookies, cake, pie, candy, muffins, scones, white potatoes, rice and pasta and sugary drinks. The stuff you love that keeps you craving more.

If you’ve followed this blog you know I’m a proponent of a modified version of the paleo diet – high quality fat – nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oil, avocados – vegetables, some fruit, protein, including some red meat (of course grass fed is always better), and some full fat dairy. I lost 8 pounds in a matter of weeks without trying by switching the way I eat to this diet from the typical American diet. And if you didn’t know, I was heavy as a young adult always trying unsuccessfully to lose weight by counting calories and starving.

Forget “calories in, calories out.” That’s not how it works. The body processes nutritious foods differently than junk and chemicals. Think instead, “What is nutritious to put in my body?” Forget losing weight. Think, “I want to eat healthy food, the weight will come off.” And here’s the simplest explanation why refined carbs make you fat. First, they spike your blood sugar. This causes your body to pump out more insulin to bring your blood sugar down. Or if you make no insulin or your body doesn’t use what it makes well, you may be injecting insulin. Eat refined carbs and you have to inject more.

Now you’ve got rivers of insulin floating in your blood stream. Guess what? Insulin is a fat storage hormone. It takes that blood sugar now floating in your body and stores it in your liver as fat. It’s the reason why most people with type 2 diabetes also, unknown to them, have fatty liver disease.

These summits give me hope. Hope we are making progress sharing new science about how food affects our health and obesity. Here are the names of the first two days presenters if you want to go to their web sites and look up their articles: Deepak Chopra, Chris Kressler, Aseem Malhotra (he was great), Gary Taubes (one of the people who started it all), David Ludwig, Nick Ortner and of course Dr. Mark Hyman.

You may also want to consider making a small investment in my third book, “Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s” and a large investment in you. It has 20 food do’s – actions you can take and how to take them – based on this way of eating. It also contains action steps on fitness, medicine and attitude regarding living with diabetes well. Make it a gift to yourself and change your diabetes health and your life. It’s available to you at any moment.



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