NYC Marathon where all are winners

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.36.03 AMThe New York City marathon is taking place right now. And I’ve just returned from watching, only a few streets from my apartment, the thousands passing through my stretch of Brooklyn. Hordes of runners in bright shirts, people on the curb cheering them on, music playing from small set up bands and apartment windows. And, for the first time I noticed lots of runners in bright chartreuse T-shirts with the name “Achilles Guide” on it.

I learned while interviewing Zoe Heineman for the Huffington Post, who is running today with type 1 diabetes (those are her medals above), that she runs with Achilles guides. They are a group of dedicated athletes who will run with anyone who has a physical or mental challenge. My heart actually swelled as I saw them all running by protecting their assigned athlete.

In our interview you’ll learn Zoe is not just running her third marathon today, but is also a passionate advocate for hypoglycemia awareness.

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