Fat, Fatter, Fattest – Obesity now in every state

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I keep hearing conflicting reports. Some experts say obesity has plateaued. Some say obesity is declining in kids and teens. Yet the CDC just released stats that obesity now exists in every state of the U.S. In a self-reported study, results show among others:

• No state has less than 20% obesity

• 19 states show obesity at 30%-35%

• Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia, always the winners, are the fattest states

• Colorado once again has the least amount of obesity

Just being obese, while uncomfortable and for most people shaming, isn’t a disease in itself. Or is it? There’s a debate going on about that as well. But for a great many people, obesity leads to medical conditions like diabetes, joint problems, sleep apnea, heart attack and more.

If you are trying to lose weight, get in shape or looking to protect your heart, here are a few resources that may help.

Diabetes Meal Plans and Healthy Diet

Heart-healthy diet

Exercise for heart health

How to avoid having a heart attack/quiz

2 thoughts on “Fat, Fatter, Fattest – Obesity now in every state

  1. In my observation, the common causes of obesity is the kind of food we take, how much we take it and mainly lack of exercise and physical activities. Admittedly, I don’t like exercising before. But then when I tried changing everything in me after becoming diabetic, I am fully convinced now that proper diet and good amount of exercise is really the way to lowering your blood sugar level and obesity is just a manifestation that you have a diet and physical activity problem. Now I am losing weight, my blood sugar level is also normal for months now.

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