JDRF’s campaign: T1D Looks Like Me

jdrf campaign

This month, Diabetes Month, JDRF is showing all the colors of type 1 diabetes. Well, one color, blue, the universal color for diabetes. But in its many shades – us. All of us who have Type 1 diabetes are the face of type 1 diabetes this month.

Please be part of the awareness raising. It’s oh so simple. Go here to JDRF’s site and download a photo of yourself. Your photo will be processed with a blue tint, as above, and the campaign logo will be added. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any which way you like to share. Hashtag, #T1DLOOKSLIKEME.

As my friend Scott Benner, diabetes dad, said, “Such an easy and wonderful way of putting a face to type 1 …”

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