“Believe” in your power to manage diabetes

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If you missed my last post, I’ve decided to post pages from my first book,“The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.” I wrote the book out of a personal passion and deep belief that we best manage diabetes when we have knowledge, tools, and – emotional strength to make good decisions every day and ride with the ups and downs of diabetes. 

The book is shares lessons to develop your inner strength and wisdom. I consider it a gift to give yourself or a loved one who is living with diabetes. Here’s an excerpt from “Believe in Your Power.”


Life will test you; in fact, it probably already has. When life tests you, it’s an opportunity to find your inner strength, to renew your resolve, firm your commitment, clarify what’s important to you and create new ways to achieve your goals.

Having diabetes can be your opportunity to reach for something higher. It can reveal to you just how strong and capable you are. 

Open your heart to your own possibilities. Focus your attention inside yourself and hear your own wisdom say, “I am powerful, I am capable, I control my diabetes.”

Your power to be stronger than diabetes is within you.

Reflection: Today, think about or write down 3 strengths you have that can help you manage your diabetes. For example, mine are being responsible, organized and able to ask for help. Reflecting on your strengths makes them more present and can help you manage your diabetes.

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