Bringing “Can-Do-Ness” to managing your diabetes


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My third in my series of excerpts from my first book, “The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.” Each can help you build the emotional strength to do better managing your diabetes.


A “Can-Do” attitude is a choice. Deciding we can do something energizes and inspires us. It can help you through frustrating times, and even help you make the tough choices when confronted with a brownie a la mode or strawberries a la diet whipped cream. 

Sometimes, without realizing it, we choose to take a “vicim” attitude about our diabetes, and it stops us from taking good care of ourselves. It’s natural to feel down or frustrated at times. When you do, accept your feelings. Then pick yourself up and move on again doing your best.

Keeping yourself healthy may require changing some habits you’ve had for a long time. But while bad habits and feeling sorry for yourself may be where you’ve been, they need not be where you’re going. Tomorrow is created by every action you take today.

ReflectionWrite down one thing you can do better in your diabetes management – and how you will do it. Maybe choose a few healthier foods, cook more meals at home, start walking after dinner. Then be specific how you will do it: what, when, where, for how long? The more specific you can be, the more likely you will be successful. 

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