My Valentine’s Day card



So, the husband’s in Holland where it’s cold and dark and I’m sitting in Brooklyn this morning. (That photo’s from our Christmas trip to Israel). Hmmm…some Valentine’s Day you say? Well for me it is. It is the expression of the heart that just keeps growing fonder.

Yesterday I received my Valentine’s email:

“I did an experiment,” he wrote. “At 7:10 PM I checked my blood sugar (no he doesn’t have diabetes, but he has a meter for occasional curiosity checks) and it was a perfect 85. I made dinner, vegetables and a veggie burger.  I sauteed it all in a wok with olive oil. I also ate 8 nuts. I finished dinner around 7:35 PM. [Is he anal? Not really. But he’s a good researcher ;-)]

At 8:10 PM I took my blood sugar. It was 139. At 9:35 PM, two hours post-meal, I took my blood sugar again. It was 108.

I think in a normal person [he means without diabetes ;-)] blood sugar also fluctuates. Then it comes back to a set point. But even if you just eat vegetables and a plant-based veggie burger, no other carb, no rice or pasta, it shoots up. So if this pushes up blood sugar in a non-diabetic, then what you are doing as a person with type 1 diabetes, keeping your blood sugar so well managed, is near perfection!

And by the way, I HATED pricking my fingers!”

Yes, girls, to me that is love, and the perfect Valentine’s Day card. The guy who four years ago went out in the midnight sun while we were on vacation in Helsinki, Finland to buy me a meter, is after 10 years of marriage still willing to prick his fingers for me.

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