Timesulin’s new “Smart Cap” for insulin pens coming this summer


I mentioned meeting the Timesulin people when I was at the IDF World Congress in Dubai. I am truly happy with this little invention that I’ve been road-testing since. Now it’s left the production floor and is available in Europe. 

Yes, I know, everything seems to happen in Europe before here, but Timesulin are now talking with distributors and planning for the cap to be available in the U.S. this summer.

Just so you’re ready when it’s available, here’s a little preview. 

Ever wonder whether you took your injection? Now you’ll know. Place the cap on your insulin pen (there are caps that go with each insulin pen on the market) and it begins counting. Look at your pen cap minutes later, or hours later, and you’ll see when you took your injection. Once you take the cap off, after 8 seconds it resets to zero. The cap will last about a year before it needs replacing.

In using it, not only did I like the knowledge that I had taken my shot, but it kept me more regular in doing it every 24 hours since I can take my Lantus without thinking much did I take it at 8 AM yesterday or 9 AM?

I’m equally impressed by the Timesulin group. It’s family – a few brothers, one wife and a friend or two. All of them smart. All of them devoted and committed. And of course it all began because co-founder and CEO, John Sjolund, has had type 1 diabetes since the age of three and an over-active mind. 

As John says, “A person who doesn’t live with diabetes will wonder how it’s possible to forget when or whether you’ve given yourself an injection, but given the hectic lives we all lead, keeping track of the four-times-a-day ritual can be difficult for anyone living with a chronic condition. It’s like trying to remember if you turned the stove off.”

I couldn’t agree more. Simple? You bet. There’s no big booklet to read when you take it out of the box. No charger to plug in. Just take off your pen’s cap, pop this one on and you’re off and running. Effective? You bet. It keeps you regular without the Metamucil. 

Now if only they could do this for my vial and syringe ;-(


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