A diabetes solutions campaign you can help shape now

Sanofi has created an extremely brief 6-question survey in a unique diabetes awareness effort. Until Feb. 12th by expressing what matters most to you about diabetes in this survey you get to shape the focus of Sanofi’s Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge

The challenge will gather ideas for innovative solutions regarding diabetes awareness and care. After ideas are submitted, 5 semi-finalists will be selected for an intensive mentorship program, design boot camp and a $20K prize. Two favorite finalists will then be chosen by the public and finally a judge will select the winner who will receive $100K to develop their solution.

Sanofi is casting the net wide to grab as many innovative ideas, interventions and solutions as possible to help in the management and awareness of diabetes. On the survey page you can read all about the contest and rules. I should just mention winning ideas will be mentored by industry leaders, plus remain the property of their creator. 

So take the survey and help shape the Challenge. Be part of the solution finding a solution. 

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