Oh, woe, not one, not two, but three compression lows!

I wrote about compression lows just recently, so it really stood out for me this morning looking at my overnight blood sugars courtesy of Dexcom’s G6. There they are – three CLs (can I name them now?) clear as day, or rather night.

I’m wearing my sensor right now on my left thigh, I wrote about that too recently. A very comfortable spot I’ve found, and don’t intend to abandon.

Had my iPhone been beside me last night, it would have awakened me three times with these lows. I wake up enough these days in the middle of the night, so ever since wearing the G5, I have placed my phone in the living room overnight so it won’t wake me up when these occur.

I am not telling you to do this. Not! not! not! I do not need to be responsible for anyone missing a true overnight low. I trust I can sleep apart from my CGM because of years of oversight and experimentation, I have garnered enough knowledge of where my blood sugar roughly has to be before I go to sleep and how to keep myself from truly going low overnight.

In short (although this is just for me since we know YDMV), I like to be around 100 mg/dl before going to sleep and based on my routine eating, exercise and insulins – Humalog or fiasco and Tresiba or Toujeo – I’ll pretty much hang there all night.

Anyway, I thought this snap of my overnight blood sugar was amusing enough to post, particularly since it illustrates so clearly compression lows.

I also think as I find myself awakening during the night more frequently, (ah, yes, age, well now I’ve covered my last three posts) these are likely times I awakened and turned over on the opposite side that I fall asleep on, which I have noted I do, thus, putting all my weight on the sensor.

I’ve been invited to try out the new Freestyle Libre 3, which I expect to start end of week. Will be interesting to see if the same phenomena occurs. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Oh, woe, not one, not two, but three compression lows!

  1. Three?! Holy mackerel! I’d say the thigh has failed. Maybe too much muscle compressing the sensor against the bed? CLs are a big deal. I’m amazed there isn’t more about them out in the diabetes community.

    • I’d say three CLs is more indicative of my recent nocturnal wakings, and wanting to try a different position, I end up rolling on top of my sensor. But since I know they’re CLs, and my Dexcom is safely snoozing in the living room, I’m keeping the thigh as a prime position.

  2. Lows are such a pain. When the first post of your compression lows showed it, it startled me! Had no idea that could happen. For me, the thing is just not very comfortable when it is being pressed into my arm. Have tried it in other places, but prefer the arm. Most of my am lows almost always go high as soon as my body is moving. Up or not. Had no idea that was a thing either until I ran across an article by another educator. Not a Dawn phenomena, but something else. Your graphs are always so comforting to look at. Because someone out there does it right!!! 😀

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