Where to wear your Dexcom

No, I’m not aiming for any Betty Grable pin up fame, for those of you old enough to know who she was. This is just to show you the new site I found for my Dexcom G6 CGM sensor. My usual, as I know it is for many of you, is my arm. But, I decided maybe it was time to give my arm a rest. I only use my left arm because I sleep on my right side.

Dexcom is only approved in the US for wear on your abdomen. That’s because when they applied for FDA approval, that was the only site they tested it on. But we know you can wear it many different places and it will work just as well. In Europe Dexcom has a CE mark for wearing it on several different sites.

So, I watched this video (Best Sites for Dexcom G6 Sensor Placement) made by an entertaining German who puts out videos at Type One Talks on YouTube, and thought, what the heck, there’s plenty of fat down there, let me give my thigh a try. And, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I totally forget I’m wearing it, it doesn’t bump into anything that could dislodge it and it works just as well (accuracy-wise) best I can figure, as wearing it on my arm or abdomen.

My one caution is, be mindful when wiping yourself dry from the shower or bath. One unthoughtful towel swipe and that could be the end of your sensor session.

2 thoughts on “Where to wear your Dexcom

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