Freestyle Libre version 3

While I use Dexcom G6 and am awaiting G7, hopefully by the end of the year, Freestyle Libre by Abbott is a very strong competitor, and its third iteration has just received FDA approval.

That means those who prefer Freestyle will soon have the world’s smallest, thinnest (pictured above) and very accurate glucose monitor that goes for 14 days. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Like Dexcom you can see your readings on a smart phone. Unlike Dexcom, which gives 5 minute readings, Freestyle shows readings every minute. It also claims to have a sub-8% MARD. All I really know is that means it’s pretty darn accurate. It also has alarms and an easy applicator.

At one third the price of competitors, I’d advocate getting one whether you have diabetes or not. I have found that when someone without diabetes wears a glucose monitor, they’re shocked to see how food and exercise affect their blood sugar.

The husband, who doesn’t have diabetes, when wearing my Dexcom for a week, couldn’t get over how his blood sugar rocketed after eating potatoes. This idea that people without diabetes have steady blood sugars all the time is just wrong.

If you want to know more, here’s the press release. Also here’s a review of Dexcom and Freestyle Libre 3 by my friend and expert Scott Strumello over at Scott’s Web Log where he examines diabetes issues in depth. Thank you Scott.

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