A new study regards healthcare and living long with T1D

Out to dinner with the husband. Notice the syringe and wine cork. Sort of says everything 😉

Day to day diabetes can have its own mind; certainly I recognize patterns, but sometimes I have no idea why my blood sugar is doing what it is doing.

I don’t really worry about this, I know enough to get through it, make a few guesses, ask my endo if necessary, and at some point it all settles down.

That said, I can tell you quite honestly, I do have some uneasy feelings about the future. At 68 years old now, how will it be when I’m 80? What will happen if I start losing my faculties?

So, I was delighted to discover there is a movement to shine a light on those of us living a long time with diabetes, particularly type 1.

The good news is we didn’t used to, so I guess I have to accept that, for now, as my blessing.

Here’s the study I just read about how healthcare can make it easier for us who live into our senior years with type 1 diabetes.

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