Entrepreneur and data analyst gives you new, and easier ways, to participate in diabetes research

Ben Fershtman is an interesting guy. He’s the Head of Open Innovation at Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps and a health-tech entrepreneur. Ben contacted me wanting to share his new website. It makes joining diabetes research trials easier. When I asked Ben what moved him to create this service, since I know diabetes is often personal, he agreed. He has a few relatives with type 1 and type 2 and when he started looking into it, he realized the difficulties many people have getting proper treatment and devices. Working in medical innovation made it a natural.

To learn more about participating in research and trials, read Ben’s post below.

A few weeks ago, I (Ben) was speaking to my friend, Brenda, who was having trouble with hyperglycemia more often than she would have liked. “The rapid insulin just takes too long, I wish it was really instant,” she told me. Being able to bring down her blood sugar faster would help her live a more normal life without inconvenient interruption. 

As it turns out an ultra-rapid insulin treatment was beginning to be tested on humans. Brenda, who was interested in joining this research, struggled to figure out how to join the research on her own. That’s exactly why I created My Diabetes Research https://www.joindiabetesresearch.com/home, a new website that’s devoted to helping people with diabetes find and join diabetes research studies.

If you’ve ever considered participating in diabetes research, chances are you heard about it in the news or from your doctor. However, if your doctor isn’t conducting the research, how can you get involved? This is the problem that has kept our team up at night. Diabetes research is not only vital to understanding and treating diabetes, but it also can have benefits for participants, such as free treatment, payment to participate, and better information about their own health. 

When My Diabetes Research set out over a year ago to help more people participate in diabetes research, we wanted to make sure that the process was as easy as possible. We built our website, JoinDiabetesResearch.com https://www.joindiabetesresearch.com/home so that you can search for research studies and find the best options given your needs. We strive to help patients understand the risks and benefits of each study and to connect directly with researchers in order to enroll in the study.

This seems simple, but lots of patients struggle to understand which studies they qualify for. At times there are issues contacting the research team. And most problematic, is how few people are aware of the options available to participate in! Many research studies fail only because they can’t find enough participants. 

Across the U.S., researchers are conducting studies that can be as simple as a free eye exam to as experimental as stem cell treatments. Many efforts are occurring to better understand how exercise and diet affect blood glucose levels, which traits put people at risk of diabetes-related eye conditions and the Holy Grail — to cure type 1 diabetes. 

At the end of the day, research is important for everyone with diabetes and anyone willing to participate is a hero in my eyes.  That’s why I’m writing this, and why I built My Diabetes Research — to make research opportunities more accessible and encourage more people to take part. 

So talk to your doctor about joining a study, check our website to see what you might qualify for, and become a part of the change in your own life, and the lives of so many others. Slowly, but surely, I believe we’ll come to a point where anyone with diabetes will have far fewer obstacles to living a healthy life.

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur and data analyst gives you new, and easier ways, to participate in diabetes research

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  3. I was given a vial of ultra fast insulin and didn’t give it enough of a try. After once, I was not impressed. Yes, it did work quickly, but then I ended up with being low! It was a medication I’ll need to try again when I am not going to do anything but stick around the house. Lows and highs are frustrating and somewhat scary..as you know! Going to look at this site! Thank you for sharing.

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