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Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company’s online pharmacy launches with the lowest prices on 100 lifesaving prescriptions.” Cost Plus is a direct to consumer pharmacy. It reflects the current need, with 1 in 10 Americans needing to skip doses of their medicine due to cost. I need to credit my friend Scott Strumello who posted this on Facebook. I trust Scott, he’s all over the cost of diabetes medications and how companies make their money.

Scott also tweeted, “So far Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company has already beat the price on rosuvastatin calcium 10 mg tabs (generic Crestor), AND I had bypassed my own insurer’s pharmacy benefit to buy it for less elsewhere. His cost: $7.50 for a 90-day supply, which is half of what I was paying.

As shown above for the diabetes meds, they don’t carry insulin presently, but there are a few type 2 pharmaceuticals you might do better on. For myself, I looked up Levothyroxine, which is the generic for Synthroid. Here, I have to say they were not cheaper than the cost-saving app, GoodRx. After paying $18 for a 90 day supply on my Medicare United Healthcare plan, I found on GoodRx I could get the same supply for just under $13.00. At Cost Plus, it’s listed for $4.20 – but that’s for a 30 day supply – so 90 days will cost you $12.60, which is just about what I got it for on GoodRx.

So while you may do better, when you look up what you want to price, you might want to compare it to Good Rx or any other cheaper cost drugs app. That said, given this is the online venture of a pharmacy business, I’d say it’s a bit of hope shining through the darkness of the overinflated cost of drugs.

A page on the Cost Plus website below

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