Welcome to Diabetes Month

Yes, I’m welcoming you a week late, but if you’ve been scrolling around you’re probably aware this is the month dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes. And November 14th is World Diabetes Day. It’s actually a United National resolution put forth by the International Diabetes Federation.

In honor of diabetes month, I’m participating in a Sanofi sales call tomorrow to talk about the importance of helping more people better understand what diabetes is and the toll it takes.

But this is what I want to share, something just between you and me. It’s a message I’ve long wrote about and often speak about. It flies in the face of what doctors will tell you. And yet it is true.

YOU CANNOT CONTROL DIABETES, OR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. Statement of fact. So let yourself off the hook when you get numbers you don’t expect. When you do everything right and everything goes wrong.

There are just too many factors that impact our blood sugar. Just to name a few – stress, being sick, temperature, menstrual cramps, lack of sleep, counting carbs, meter readings, how much you exercised yesterday, lacking two other hormones that manage blood sugar as well as insulin… If you’re not familiar, take a look at Adam Brown’s 42 Factors chart. And trust me, there are more.

How could you possibly manually do what your body does automatically? I would like every health professional to experience diabetes for a week and tell me I can control my blood sugar and my diabetes.

Okay, enough said. Whew, it felt good to let that out. So let yourself off the hook. Perfectionism doesn’t work here, or anywhere frankly. Instead, learn how different foods and exercise tend to impact your blood sugar, Learn how to respond to any number to nudge your blood sugar back into range. And then acknowledge that that, just that, is success.

That’s my message for diabetes month. Feel free to share it.

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