Low carb, highly creamy tiny truffles, ERND

Note straight at the top, these were gifted to me by ERND snacks to write about if I so chose.

First off, I’m not a truffle fan, too creamy. I like my dark chocolate denser than creamy. Thus, my love of Lindt 85% and Montezuma 100% dark chocolates. I combine them, a square of each one on top of the other, delivering my perfect bliss point apparently, 92.5%.

‘That said, these are well done, very satisfying ‘two bites in one’ mini truffles using fine Belgian chocolate. While they say dark chocolate on the bag, I didn’t find them very dark, but then you now know my barometer. Actually upon closer inspection I see they also say on the bag 55% cacao.

But if you like your chocolate creamy and truffley, I can’t see how these won’t satisfy. The husband likes them. My only question is what does ‘ERND’ stand for?

The big news of course is the lead I buried: they’re sugar-free, low carb and low fat. 1 truffle has 6 carbohydrates, 7 grams of fat and 75 calories, and few ingredients which is always good:


Handmade in Utah, the assorted bag I was sent contains 32 in total mint, raspberry, dark and sea salt truffles.

This 16 ounce bag costs $29.50. The company also has 7 ounce bags for $15.50, and additional flavors.

Ah – the company says ERND is pronounced “earned” as in “You’ve earned it!”

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