Thank you essential workers at the grocery and to the one here at home

Thank god for the essential workers that stand in grocery stores day after day so the rest of us can still buy food. Bravo from the bottom of my heart! And thank you to the one below, the husband.


Since COVID-19, this is our routine. Once every 10 days or so the husband makes his way to Whole Foods. A few weeks ago we used to feel like we were risking death just buying groceries. Luckily, with the numbers of infected coming down in New York City and the precautions taken by most stores, we are much more relaxed.

That said, there is still a protocol in place:

5-6 AM – The husband rises

7:15 – He dons mask and two knapsacks and walks 20 minutes to Whole Foods

7:35 – He joins the line already snaking around the block for senior hour

8:07 – He walks into the store

8:17 – He calls me seeking clarification on an item. If I’m lucky I get sent a photo along with the question. This morning the subject line was: Which tahini?


8:25 – The husband walks back home with two heavy knapsacks over his shoulders

8:45 – My now hero returns, drops the knapsacks, throws clothes in the laundry box, jumps in the shower.

8:47 – I rinse and wash and rebag all the items. I  wash down the counter, sink and my hands. I have thoughts of a sci fi movie playing in my head and wonder, how long will we do this?

9:05 – Hero emerges and gets a well deserved hug for all the essentials he’s lugged home.


I want to thank every health professional, postal worker, police person, transit worker, all the essential workers who keep my city running so me and the husband can still do the essential things like feed ourselves and get homemade masks in the mail sent from loving friends.



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