Diabetes experts discuss care and treatment during COVID-19

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It’s for health professionals but if you want to know what’s being discussed and advised among health professionals for people with diabetes and coronavirus, tune in. The American Diabetes Association is doing a special series of podcasts and webinars called COVID-19 & Diabetes.

I’ve probably listened to eight podcasts already. They’re only about 20 minutes long. I’m learning about how our blood glucose can go completely out of whack if we have the virus, the recommendation to take all your meds and supplies should you have to go into the hospital and how early news reports to stop this med or that has already been reversed. Oddly,  I find them both confidence-building and calming.

Maybe it’s because I’m hearing some of my favorite voices, like doctors Irl Hirsch and Anne Peters and my personal friend Jane Jeffrie-Seley, Diabetes Nurse Practitioner extraordinaire. These are great learning and easy to digest.

Podcast Link

Webinar Link

Just some topics covered:

Inpatient care in a hospital

Outpatient care

COVID-19 and Diabetes Medicines

Empowering Patients with Diabetes During COVID-19


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