She got coronavirus and recovered – maybe because of her diabetes

You’ve read too much already about COVID-19. Me too. Fortunately lots of the information has given us advice, recommendations and ways to stay healthy during this time. Here’s the latest information I received today from JDRF.

One uplifting early finding is that people with well managed diabetes, particularly type 1- because we tend to have less comorbidities than people with type 2, like heart disease and high blood pressure – is that we’re not more susceptible to the virus than someone without diabetes. Yet I’m also reading conflicting opinions about whether if you get it, you’ll have worse outcomes because of your diabetes.

One thing I don’t think I’ve read anywhere is someone with type 1 who got through it and found herself stronger to do so – because of her diabetes, “I had COVID-19 and type 1 diabetes” on diaTribe.


“I’m sharing my story of coronavirus to suggest to you that maybe diabetes isn’t the weakness we’ve been told it is. Yes, I did get sick from COVID-19, but so did many others without chronic illness. Maybe the burden of dealing with a chronic illness makes us more likely to find ways to fight an infectious disease, and that resilience assists our battle…

Read the full article, and remember, diabetes may just be something that’s made us stronger.

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One thought on “She got coronavirus and recovered – maybe because of her diabetes

  1. I am certain I had a mild case. I had the symptoms and was told testing was only if I had serious symptoms. My glucose also was low when I was sick. It was crazy, I was certain sure they should be high and they were not! I appreciated reading this share!

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