Today’s headlines on diabetes and the coronavirus

I received this information from the Diabetes Education & Camping Association. Here are the headlines. You can google the details:

Insulet, maker of Omnipod, does not anticipate any product supply issues and will continue to deliver Pods to those who use them without delays.

Eli Lilly, maker of Humalog and other diabetes medications, does not anticipate shortages for any of its medicines, including all its insulins.

Lilly and AbCellera to co-develop antibody therapies for Covid-19 treatment

Lilly will participate in making insulins more affordable for Medicare members under Medicare Part D

Tandem Diabetes Care, maker of T-slim insulin pumps, does not anticipate any shortage of infusion sets, cartridges or other supplies

Xeris pharmaceuticals is offering a $0 copay card through the end of April for Gvoke PFStheir glucagon product

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