Insulin’s indirect path. Diasome is working to change that. Plus, my post for them – on innovation.

It’s a funny thing that we’ve known for a long time injecting insulin is a poor way to get it into our system. It doesn’t go directly where it’s needed and its path isn’t the same path as when insulin is released in a body that makes it. Yet, even though we’ve known this for –  ever, few have done much to improve this faulty system.

I don’t normally put stock in research companies working on tangly problems like this, but I’m intrigued and attracted to the idea that a company named Diasome is working to change this. They regard where insulin goes as important as dosage and timing. And so do I.

On another note, I wrote a guest blog post for them as they want to bring thought-provoking thinking from the diabetes space onto their site. I wrote about innovation, what we’ve seen over the years — and what we haven’t. Clue – it has nothing to do with technology.

Diasome’s explanation of where injected insulin goes and where it should

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