The joys of yogurt as part of keto

After years of avoiding dairy, I think only because everyone seemed to be and we always heard how fattening it was, cheese and yogurt have come zooming back into my life. Eating Keto, these higher fat foods are back on the menu, and I’m loving them. So it was with some nostalgia I read Catherine Newman’sĀ article in this week’s diaTribe about yogurt.

Yes, I well remember the days when Dannon was the only yogurt on the shelf. I even remember when I worked for a few months during college at my neighborhood Waldbaums as a supermarket cashier, I was privy to grabbing a yogurt out of the refrigerator section for my lunch break. Dannon cherry and coffee were always in my hands.

These days I only eat plain, whole milk yogurt. I want the fuller fat and don’t want the extra carbs. It’s part of eating keto and delicious. I’m enjoying various brands including Brown Cow (very fresh with cream on top) Fage 5% (thick Greek yogurt with more fat than their other yogurts), Icelandic Provisions (thick, thick, thick) and my latest pick up, Organic Valley Grassmilk. Also cream on top and 100% from grass fed cows. It’s produced by a consortium of farmers in Wisconsin whose mission is to create healthy products. I have learned, from a little investigation, that when a label says “Grassfed” the cows are not necessarily only eating grass, they can be ruminating on grass and being fed grain back in the feedlot.


Whatever your preference, today there are so many different yogurts to try and each has its own uniqueness. Eating keto, I’m especially grateful full fat products like whole milk yogurt is available. When the husband first came over to live here from Holland almost twenty years ago he couldn’t believe everything in the supermarket was low fat.

As Newman says in her article, check the carb count on any yogurt you pick up, and you’re better off adding your own toppings than getting yogurt with fruit and add-ons already in it.

My simple yogurt bowl is a few heaping spoonfuls of yogurt with tahini and almond butter. When I want more of a cereal concoction, I add flax and chia seeds, roasted nuts, coconut flakes, salt, stevia, cinnamon, tahini and almond milk.

And like Jerry Steinfeld, there are many days I’d rather eat this breakfast cereal for dinner than dinner. šŸ˜‰


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