The absolute joy of eating a sandwich!

Mock me not. I cannot tell you the absolute joy eating something, anything between two slices of bread has brought me. No, I’m not crazy, I’m a person with type 1 diabetes who has been happily eating low carb for at least a decade. That means I don’t eat bread. Well, hardly ever. Perhaps only if I’m out to dinner and the waiter brings killer bread to the table.

Even when I found this Keto bread recipe (uses almond flour rather than white or wheat flour for minimal carbs) I didn’t fashion it into a sandwich. A sandwich was such a dreamlike remote memory to me. Instead I would toast half a keto roll and have the single slice with my lunchtime soup. It sat on the rim of the bowl sad and alone.

No, I would not make myself a sandwich, not even when I made it for the husband. Somehow I just couldn’t make the leap that I can eat this bread in sandwich form, until one day last week I did. And now the simple, humble two-slice, not Danish open-face, sandwich is back on my menu. Now that’s worth celebrating, maybe with a glass of wine 😉


Should you be curious today’s filling is melted Swiss Raclette cheese, artichoke, avocado and pesto with a side of half sour pickle.

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