Medicare approves seeing Dexcom G5 numbers on your phone


Let’s not talk about how ridiculous it was to take this feature away from people over 65, but celebrate that the flood of advocates who pushed up against it made them change their mind.

As of yesterday you can now download the G5 mobile app on your phone and share your numbers with anyone who has an Apple watch, enjoying the full functionality of your CGM as people under 65 do.

Given that I’ll be turning 65 this September, yes I know it’s hard to believe, I’ve been alerted that there is a group relevant to me now on Facebook, Seniors with Sensors. Oh, who would have thought 46 years ago when I was diagnosed at the tender age of 18, a freshman in college, that this would be in my future!

For a fuller explanation, if you know how to read legal documents, apparently this is the one you want to read. If you’re like me, and this makes absolutely no sense to you, here’s an easier read from Dexcom.

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