#10 HuffPost – Dear Santa, Will You Please Take This Diabetes Away?

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Okay, it’s Christmas in June, but completing what I started some weeks ago, here is my last selection from the more than 150 articles I’ve written on the Huffington Post over the past seven years.

It begins:

Dear Santa,

All I’d like this Christmas is for you to take this diabetes away. I’m so tired of it already. All the time stabbing my fingers for blood and guessing when my sugar’s too high or too low.

Now that I’m in menopause I can barely tell whether I’m sweating because I’m losing estrogen or because my blood sugar’s crashing at 50!

And, can we talk… I mean the constant figuring out how many carbs are in a ravioli or bread stick or that fried calamari that will be at the company Christmas party. Some days I just want to lie down and shoot myself. Please, please, Santa, would you take this diabetes away?


And it continues….

One thought on “#10 HuffPost – Dear Santa, Will You Please Take This Diabetes Away?

  1. I use the “EAT LESS and MOVE MORE” lifestyle plan to maintain a healthy normal human weight for the past 41 years living with type1 diabetes.

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