Headed to World Health Organization to represent IDF’s Blue Circle Voices

The Blue Circle Voices is the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) group of people with diabetes around the world advocating for better care in their country. We are the ear on the ground for the IDF regarding access to care, education, prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyles, discrimination – and we are the experts who live the experience of diabetes. IDF’s intent is to consult with the Blue Circle Voices on new initiatives to truly be the global voice of diabetes.

We are 102 men and women with varied types of diabetes and people connected to diabetes. We are newly created so emerging, but so far I have provided feedback on surveys, created a testimonial video, which I link below, and now will be introducing the group at the WHO in Geneva. It’s an honor.

Here’s my video where I share a personal experience of diabetes discrimination. While I personally don’t come across it often, for many it is ubiquitous in daily life.

Okay, gotta go pack!


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