Sign up for Livongo’s glucose management program and you’re making a charitable donation to diabetes research

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I’ve been using the Livongo system for the past two years and I’m a happy camper. Now the progressive company in Mountain View, California has taken another milestone step.

Livongo, a glucose management/support program (advanced meter, unlimited strips, digital tools, personalized messaging, coaching)  announced a few days ago a partnership with the American Diabetes Association, JDRF, Diabetes Hands Foundation and Beyond Type 1. They aim to generate millions of dollars for research and advocacy for their new partners. More info here.

How? By launching the Livongo Family Care Plan. That means for everyone who signs up for the plan (outlined below) through Diabetes Hands Foundation, JDRF and Beyond Type 1, Livongo will donate $3 every month to that organization. So, you in effect, are making the donation.

I use Livongo and I will tell you twice I had a professional call me when my blood sugar number was under 55 mg/dl on the meter. Standing alone in my kitchen, and having the phone ring minutes after my reading came up, with someone from Livongo asking if I was okay was amazing! Trust me, there is nothing like knowing there is someone else out there who knows you may be in trouble.

From one company that will benefit, JDRF President and Chief Executive Officer, Derek Rapp, said, “With this partnership, not only do people with type 1 diabetes benefit from access to this innovative program, JDRF also receives important funds that will go directly toward finding a cure.”

Livongo’s Family Care Plan is a comprehensive diabetes program that provides support at critical moments for people with diabetes and those who love them. The monthly subscription is $49.99/month for which you get:

• An advanced glucose meter that uploads readings and gives tips and insights. Studies verify Livongo is one of the most accurate meters around.

• Unlimited test strips – yes unlimited!

• 24/7 live outreach from diabetes specialists when numbers are out of range

• Immediate text messages to update family and friends, if you chose

• Coaching via phone, email and text for education and support

If you can benefit from a great meter, education and support, check it out, and know you’re also helping us move toward a cure.

It warms my heart to see a player in the device market come up with such a winning strategy, to help people with diabetes through their product and program, donate to diabetes charities and strengthen their own company to be able to continue to help us.

Thank you Livongo.


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