Medicare now covers Dexcom CGM. But also, read the fine print.


I tweeted this two days ago when I heard yet admit I’m remiss not to have put in here. This news is important enough to stand on its own – now the Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor is covered under Medicare Part B.

Eligibility factors include having diabetes, current use of a home blood glucose monitor and frequent glucose testing of a minimum of four pricks daily, current treatment with multiple daily insulin injections or an insulin pump, and frequent need for self-adjustment of insulin regimen treatment based on therapeutic monitoring.  A bit more info here.

At 63 years old, this is heartening to me, only a few years away from Medicare as well as the fact that people with type 1 diabetes over 65 who have been living with it for decades are the most vulnerable population to hypoglycemia unawareness.

Let’s only hope, given the criteria for coverage, those of us who manage our diabetes well because of all the work we do, including using our devices, find we’re not eligible for a CGM because our blood sugars are so well managed!

3 thoughts on “Medicare now covers Dexcom CGM. But also, read the fine print.

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  2. Thank you for this info. Pity this took so long as Hypoglycemic Unawareness is a significant problem for those of us with long standing Type1- but am grateful for the JDRF and their work so that the coverage is now available. I test 8 times, at least, per day as I drop easily and use some supplements that impact my blood sugars. Requires a great deal of monitoring but using less insulin is worth it to me. Still alive and kicking (vigorously!) after 49 years with it! Take good care. 🙂 Mary

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