Three wishes for World Diabetes Day

Today I shared an amazing organization’s request. Insulin for Life are seeking unused bottles of insulin and test strips to bring to those in need. For 32 years this non profit has been supplying children, men and women around the world who would die without these. Getting unused supplies where people have no access is a wish we can all contribute to.

Full article on The Huffington Post.

I also caught up with the campaign the American Diabetes Association are running this Diabetes Month – “This Is Diabetes.” It’s our stories of who we are, still are, with diabetes. It says we may have a new story living with diabetes but we’re still here, and many of us are even stronger than before because of diabetes. My wish is that you add your story to the mosaic to inspire others.

Then I reread what I’d written for the ADA’s ‘Stop Diabetes’ campaign some years ago. It still defines me. In fact, it may be more true than ever as today my work is sharing with patients and providers, around the world, a treatment approach and mindset to help us not merely cope with diabetes, but flourish. Yes, This Is Diabetes, for me. So my final wish for you is that you look up today and see how strong you are, and that today a wish of yours comes true.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 8.07.35 AM.png

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