Going back to diabetes basics

I haven’t really talked much about Diabetes Month but if you didn’t know, we’re in it. Today I received an infographic from NRS Healthcare, a leading health agency in the U.K. They asked me to share it. Below is the majority of it.

Outside of the 700 people (U.K) who get diagnosed per day stat they quote, everything  is relevant for anyone, anywhere.

This side of the pond, the American Diabetes Association reports 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed every year. Feel free to do the math. Almost 30 million Americans (both type 1 and type 2) currently have diabetes in the U.S. Add the 86 million Americans with pre-diabetes and you can say a third of the population has a blood sugar problem.

ss 1.png

ss 2.png

ss 3.png

ss 4.png

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