The rivalution – you can’t “control” blood sugar


I’m getting very vocal these days about the insanity of expecting people with diabetes to  “control” their blood sugar. I feel I’ve got the right. 44 years of daily, hourly experience, scientific and systems theory behind me, and the known and accepted unpredictability of biological systems. That’s us.

Don’t let people – your doctor, educator, spouse, anyone – tell you to control your blood sugar. Ask them what your blood sugar numbers should be, what they mean, what actions typically cause higher and lower numbers – and how to respond to the numbers you get to stay in your target range as much as you can. And if you don’t know what your target range is – ask. It’s your body, your health, your life.

If you missed it, this is WHY you CAN’T CONTROL your BLOOD SUGAR. But there’s a lot you can do to influence your numbers. And those times when they give you the finger for no good reason, with all the “right” things you’ve done, just know that’s diabetes.

control is an illusion 1.jpg

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