On The Huffington Post, “The Invisibility of Type 1 Diabetes”

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A few days ago I posted an article on The Huffington Post, “The Invisibility of Type 1 Diabetes.” In three days it’s been shared more than 6,000 times and “Liked” by more than 35,000 readers.

I don’t tell you this because my head (as seen above) is now too big to get through the door. No, but because it touches me immensely to have what i write resonate with others and help them feel less alone. Especially when the comments left let me into a window on their lives:

“This is just one of the best things I have read on Type 1 diabetes – my daughter was diagnosed 9 months ago at age 17. Thank you”

“Such a well written piece. In fact, the only thing I have read that so accurately describes what I, and I am sure many others, feel on a daily basis. I am 41 years old and have been a type 1 diabetic for 31 years. People often comment on how easy I make it look but don’t know what I have to do everyday. It could be worse but still holding my breath for that cure!”

“Thank you for telling your story.. It echoes my daughters… She is 9… It’s nice to not feel alone in the daily fight”

If you missed it, this other post I wrote two years ago, of which I wouldn’t change a single word today, is still for me the ultimate experience of living with Type 1 diabetes.

Thank you all for reading and reaching out.

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